Daylight Saving Time Change

Daylight Saving Time (DST) ends and clocks are set back one hour in most of the US, Canada, and Mexico's northern border cities on Sunday, November 2, 2014, at 2:00 am local time. Therefore, the Jamat timings for the 5 prayers will change as well.
Fajr Salah: 6:00am
Duhur Salah: 1:00pm
Asr Salah: 4:15pm
Maghrib Salah Sunset
Isha Salah:7:30pm
Juma Salah time remains the same (1:45pm) as well as the second Juma Salah at 2:45pm.)

Salatul Janaza - Thursday, July 7th

This is to inform you that there will be Salatul Janazah today (Thursday, Aug 7th, 2014) after Salatul Zuhur (1:45PM) at Jama Masjid.

The name of the deceased is Sister Anne Isha Abdul. She was 62 years old and was originally from Trinidad.

Please remember her in your duas. May Allah (swt) forgive her and grant her a place in Jannah.

Welcome to the Islamic Center of Orlando, Jama Masjid

Alhamdulillah, Islamic Center of Orlando is the largest Masjid in Central Florida catering to a rapidly growing Muslim community. You are invited to visit the Masjid located at 11543 Ruby Lake Rd, Orlando FL 32836 -close to the Disney World, Universal Studios and the Sea World Orlando.

The Islamic Center of Orlando (ICO) is an independent organization. It’s function is to practice and propagate Islam in the United States by providing religious, educational and recreational facilities for members of the public at large.


Jumah Prayers

  • First Jumu'ah Salah: Bayaan 1:15pm; Khutbah 1:50pm
  • Second Jumu'ah Salah: Khutbah 2:45pm

Weekly Classes by Ustadh Imam Tariq Rasheed

  • Islamic Mysticism: Saturday after Fajr Salah
  • Arabic Language: Sunday after Fajr Salah
  • Tajweed: Sunday 7:30 to 8:10am
  • Hadith Sahih Al-Bukhari: Sunday 8:15 to 9:15am
  • Biography of Sahabah: Sunday 9:15 to 9:30am
  • Tafseer of Quran: Sunday after Asr Salah
  • Weekly Youth Class: Friday after Asr Salah (Hafiz Mahfuz; Zaid)


Sahih Bukhari Series

Around ICO


Muharram: The Start of the Islamic Calendar

Muharram is the month with which the Muslims begin their lunar Hijrah Calendar.

Expansion Project

The community has grown tremendously creating an urgent need for expansion of the Masjid.

Questions and Answers

Have Questions?

A new class to answer questions and educate non-Muslims on Islam.

Project Manager Update

Project Manager's Update

The expansion project is at the Planned Development phase. It's not just for the Masjid Expansion...

Current Newsletter Stories

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Happy New Year 1436

With the start of the month of "Muharram", the 1st month of the Islamic calendar, we have ushered into a New Year! May Allah SWT make this year a year of prosperity and peace of us and for the rest of the world. Ameen.

Hajj Dinner

ICO is congratulating all those brothers and sisters who were blessed with the sacred opportunity to preform Hajj this year, so in order to welcome them back, ICO has organized a Hajj Dinner for the Hujjaj, as well as for the community, on Friday, Oct 31st after Maghrib Salah at Jama Masjid.


The 10th of Muharram will be observed on Monday, Nov 3rd. It is Sunnah to fast on this day. Please learn more about the virtues of this day by visiting the following link:
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